Equitable and non-bias behavioral based hiring.

Because everyone deserves a fair shake.

why rehigher

Many people are hired through connections and word of mouth, or assumptions of skills based on previous schools or employers, yet we have seen extraordinary high attrition rates from many employers leading us to The Great Resignation.

It's time to do things differently - we match our talent with focused jobs that really are a meeting of mindsets.

People are more than just their resume and in today's traditional hiring environment, there are many biases that naturally occur when having access to a person's demographics, educational and past employer information.

rehigher approaches hiring from a talent-first environment, through behavioral matching, we believe our placements lead to higher job satisfaction and higher staff retention for employers as everyone is invested in being in the right job for the right person - the flock for every black sheep.

Over 40% of job seekers are looking to move to completely different industries.

rehigher focuses on what is a great fit with the person & their passion, not just the paper on the wall.

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