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just a few reasons why you need to rehigher.

Diverse equitable & inclusive hiring

Employers can increase the likelihood of attracting a diverse pool of candidates through rehigher, ensuring that the hiring process is inclusive and that all candidates are evaluated based on their qualifications and skills.

Increase staff retention & beat the churn

We all know how much it costs to restaff positions and you don't even know if they are a good fit.

rehigher identifies individuals who are more likely to be satisfied with the job and stay with the company for a longer period.

Enhanced employer brand

By promoting commitment to diversity and inclusion in the hiring process, enhance your organization's reputation as a socially responsible and progressive employer and attracting and retaining top talent, particularly from diverse backgrounds.

Internal hiring
with rehigher

Match current and outgoing staff for internal hiring within your organization.

Saving your organization at least 2x that employee's salary.

Improved business outcomes

By selecting candidates who are a good fit for the job and the organization, rehigher can help organizations improve their business outcomes. This includes increased productivity, reduced turnover, and better team dynamics.

Reduce risk of bad hires

rehigher's hiring method can identify potential issues with a candidate's fit that could impact their job performance, such as poor communication skills or difficulty working in a team.
Reduce the risk of bad hires that can lead to poor business outcomes and a waste of resources.

Replacing a full time
employee can cost

2x annual salary
of that employee


of workers say they have received a raise higher than the current 8.5% inflation rate
Millennials are
twice as likely
as boomers to quit their jobs

Bring non-bias hiring to your organization through our matching process.

embrace true diverse, inclusive and equitable hiring practices.

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