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rehigher shepherd program

For training providers looking for hiring partners to help place their program graduates.

rehigher shepherd partner program

Bridging the gap between training and hiring

The rehigher Shepherd Partner Program is a unique and innovative program designed to support organizations providing technical training programs to individuals from underserved and underrepresented communities.

Our program focuses on assisting program graduates with career pathways and job placements through our rehigher non-bias hiring platform that connects them with employers who value diversity and inclusion.

Our mission is to ensure that individuals who have completed technical training programs have access to job opportunities that align with their skill sets and provide them with a sustainable career path. We understand that finding employment can be challenging, especially for individuals from marginalized communities. Therefore, our program aims to bridge the gap between employers and job seekers, creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce.


program advantages for partners

As a training provider you will have access to the following to help place your graduates in the right job.

shepherd partner network

As the training provider, and a partner in the rehigher Shepherd Program, you will join the Shepherd network of other DEI focused training providers and employers in your industry who participate in the program.

non-bias job matching for graduates

The program promotes equity and inclusivity in the hiring process by eliminating unconscious bias and ensuring that all candidates are considered fairly. This makes the program ideal for organizations that are committed to diversity and inclusivity in their hiring practices.

tailored job seeker support for graduates

As part of the program, rehigher also offers graduates customized wrap-around support, including interview preparation, resume, and portfolio preparation and other specific needs per program.

training graduates

Behavioral matching

The rehigher non-bias behavioral matching platform uses a range of assessments and tools to determine a candidate's suitability for a particular job.
This approach ensures that candidates are matched with employers who value the same behavioral qualities, resulting in a higher likelihood of long-term success for both parties.


Targeted employer network

We connect with, and target employers specifically seeking technically trained staff and are committed to DEI hiring practices, providing them access to our pool of talented and diverse candidates who have already completed relevant technical training programs.

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